The neighbor's brother came home in a box But he wanted to go so maybe it was his fault Another red heart taken by the American dream — Ethel Cain, “American Teenager” I’m sure we’re all aware of the trolley problem, a hypothetical thought experiment—or gedankenexperiment if you…
What is immersion, and how is it achieved?
I just wanted to put on my little analysis hat and talk about Aftersun, a film I think is brilliant and one that more people need to see. Aftersun is a…
My favorite movies/TV/reads of the year
Predications of the End of the World
How the scrolling market commoditizes you
The forbidden occultism of King James IV
I could build me a castle of memories Just to have somewhere to go Count the days and the nights that it takes To get back in the saddle again Feed the…
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As I Lay Trying